This section is usually boring, so I'll keep it short and sweet.
My name, Nadine, means hope, which in itself has always inspired me to be optimistic and determined throughout my life.
It's no wonder I have a unique perspective on the world around me. Having been born and raised in Paris, schooled in Beirut, worked in London and now living in Dubai – not to mention my Egyptian roots – I've always viewed people and situations in a different light.
With a career background in PR, I decided to further pursue my passion for fashion by relocating to London and continuing my postgraduate studies in Luxury Brand Marketing.
You know what they say, baby steps!
The path I've chosen has come as no surprise to my friends and family, as they'd be the first to call me a social butterfly. 

Travel, fashion and music are my passions: There's nothing like discovering new cities, sounds, styles and faces – and falling in love with them. I'm drawn to all sorts of weird and wonderful people and places. Normal bores me!
Thanks to my curiosity and sense of adventure, I have so much to share with you - 
mainly the world, the way I see it...
Inspired by the sea and infinite possibilities, 

a Bubble of Life is a tribute to my diverse lifestyle of Hope, Dreams and Passion.

Enjoy the ride!

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