Tuesday, October 3, 2017


As I begin writing this post, it’s clear that the blissful aftermath that the BPM Festival left in its wake has not yet worn off! What an unforgettable experience…
and while it was my first time in Portugal, I was there to let my hair down at the annual BPM festival, rather than acquaint myself with a new country.
Traditionally held on the beaches of Mexico, the BPM Festival moved to the shores of Portimao in southern Portugal this past September. And of course, living in London, I wasn’t complaining about the shorter flight…
I had been planning for this trip since June, and what I mean by planning is outfit planning ;)

Faro is the closest airport to Portimao, which is where I reunited with my best friends, who flew in from Dubai and Switzerland. A 50-minute drive to Portimao with four girls and a rocking playlist, and you’re good to go.

Upon arrival, we barely had time to check into Hotel da Rocha before heading to Blanco Beach for our first party of the weekend. Our very own Überhaus was hosting All Day I Dream at the festival, featuring one of my favorite duo: Bedouin! They kicked off the night with their usual spell of melodies and rhythms!
Our hotel was facing Praia da Rocha where we spent our Saturday morning. We also stumbled upon the cutest pizzeria called Cletonia. Sit on the terrace and ask for Marco – you’ll then understand what I’m talking about.
After sun and food, we needed some rest before we made our way to El Row party, before we found ourselves in an intimate venue called La Villa. The music and vibes here were enough to make it the best party of the weekend. Still, the night wasn’t over yet, and we continued to Centro de Congressos do Arade – yes I know what you must be thinking… PARTY NON STOP!

Sunday was the last day of the festival and also my reason for attending BPM as, you guessed it, Apollonia were closing the festival with a party at Nosoloagua. But first, the girls and I decided that we couldn’t leave Portimao without a tiny bit of sightseeing! The Benagil caves is one of the most well-known attractions in the area, but unfortunately for us, we missed the boat that takes you there. Instead we toured three gorgeous beaches: Praia de Benagil, Carvalho beach and Praia dos Tres Irmaos. No matter how I try to paint a picture, these beaches were truly paradise on earth.

Sight seeing done, direction Nosoloagua for where the sunset mixed with Apollonia grooves made the perfect ending to this festival. 

Monday was all about goodbyes as some of us were staying in Portugal, others were continuing to Ibiza (yes, really!), while I was on my way to Paris to continue the best trip of 2017!

Obrigado Portimoa
Thank you BPM


Location / Portimao, Portugal

Stay / Hotel Da Rocha

Eat / Cletonia Restaurant

Party / All Day I Dream, El Row, Paradise,



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