Wednesday, January 25, 2023


This post is literally about a memory of a great place I visited. Its scenery marked my heart and I only came to realize that I have never shared it on my blog before... so here it is ☺
… Ireland.
When I say Ireland I’m not referring to Dublin, but rather to the countryside. I landed in Limerick. You must be asking yourself why on earth would she go to Limerick – well, my ex boyfriend at the time worked there and that was the meeting point. Limerick is actually known for the medieval-era St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. John’s square, which is lined with Georgian townhouses. Standing along the River Shannon, the 13th-century King John’s Castle is one of the city’s most recognizable sites.



This trip was all about a road trip to different small towns around southwest Ireland. We rented a car and drove all the way down to Killarney and to be honest the scenery along the way was just… 

no comment


Killarney is a small town on the shores of Lough Leane in southwest Ireland and from across the river you have one of the most beautiful parks: Killarney National Park. We spent the night in Killarney in one of the cutest hotels called the Randles hotel that is situated next to all the town’s restaurants and bars.



The next stop was Dunquin to visit a very cute harbor there. On our way, we made 2 stops, the first was in Dingle, which is a small port town where we had breakfast.

The other was Inch beach and this one left me speechless. A bay that stretches for approx. 4 miles of sandy beach.


Finally made it to the last stop and this one will always stay in my heart because, as stupid as it might sound, it suddenly clicked in my head that it was the first time I see an actual ocean! 

Dunquin Harbor. The pier can’t be a seen from the roadway. You need to park and go down to visit it.


That was the end of the trip and I hope you enjoyed the ride my Bubbles!




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