Sunday, April 9, 2017


One of my favorite things about London is how it is filled with all kinds of street art. Art is the expression of human skill and imagination, they say. My love for street art first started when I visited Berlin and got to see the East Side Gallery.
It must also be why I’m particularly drawn to East London, and why I’ve chosen Shoreditch as my home. It certainly reflects my personality: The wonder and excitement I feel walking down, say, Brick Lane is unparalleled in its melting pot of people from all walks of life.

I’m also always amazed by the graffiti artworks that decorate every wall in East London. If you’ve ever walked around Shoreditch, you’re sure to have seen the distinctive abstract faces that intrigue me so much and always made me question the mysterious artist behind these faces?

One sunny day as I was making my way back home, I was fortunate enough to bump into the very artist I was so eager to meet. There she was, painting my favorite face on another street corner. I just had to introduce myself and declare how much of a fan I was of her work.
Anna Laurini is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met; yet she’s one of the leading female artists to breathe life into our streets! Although she’s originally from Italy’s Milan, the abstract expressionist movement of 1950s New York creatively inspires her. Anna's work empowers individuals to think outside the box by looking inside themselves. 
Ever since that fateful chat, Anna has invited me to all of her events and exhibitions. The first public exhibition I attended of hers called “Faces” where Anna did a live painting session. “Profiles” which was Anna’s latest exhibition, debuted her collection of neon artworks.
Follow Anna Laurini on Instagram and Facebook for some insight into one of London’s most up-and-coming street artists. And if you ever happen to see her in action on the street, don’t hesitate to say hello! I wouldn’t have met such a colorful character if I hadn’t done the same… 

Can’t wait to see what you do next, Anna!



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